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Victoria graduated with a BA in Foreign Philology in 2009. Her field of study is German and English language and literature. After she graduated from Classic Private University in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine), she got an economic analyst job at a Ukrainian company named Internet Consulting.


After resigning the company, she returned to what she had studied at university - foreign languages. Over the years, she worked as a translator and English and German copywriter, developing expertise in content marketing for various industries.


Victoria's previous work experience helps her succeed as a legal assistant. Her knowledge of several foreign languages, open-mindedness, and communication skills make her a much-valued addition to our company.


Since moving to Canada and Bridgewater, she has been active in community and volunteer work. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys reading, drawing, jogging, and going to the DesBrisay Museum or LCLC. She adores her husband Dmitriy and cat and likes to travel around Nova Scotia and Europe.

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